2. Anonymous said: Get well soon, mod!

    Omg I am so sorry that I just saw this. I’ve been laying in bed all day not really even feeling up to checking my phone.

    Thank you so much anon! Thanks for your well wishes I really do appreciate it. I’m feeling a little but better but am more then slightly delirious and waiting for my cousin to deliver some Gatorade on his way home from work tonight (being an adult and living alone when you’re sick totally sucks).

    I’m going to see what I can manage tonight translation wise. At the very least there are some cute hair cuts in Popteen’s October Issue and we cal always use more cute hair cuts.


  4. Three Street Style Lessons from Tokyo Fashion Week Spring 2015 by Vogue
    Keshiko | Photographed by KIRA / TokyoFashion

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  5. tokyo-fashion:

    More of our street snaps from Tokyo Fashion Week! Most of our snaps were published by Vogue.com, but we saved a few fun ones for ourselves. Thanks to RinRin Doll, Emi Tiger, Yuri Nakagawa, Elleanor, HEIHEI, Funktique, Tyna, Janina, Kasia, Lucyna, and even Hachiko!

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